S&E Student Transfer Form Header Image

District Solo & Ensemble Student Transfer Request

Use this form to transfer students to an alternate festival site.


  • Request approval from the festival manager at the transfer site.
  • Submit this form providing WSMA account number, original festival site and transfer festival site.
  • WSMA will contact festival manager confirming approval.
  • Registration for this festival will be made available in the Festival App.
  • Enter and submit the event(s).
  • WSMA will send a new, separate invoice for each festival.

PLEASE NOTE: If the event(s) was already registered for an earlier festival, the initial registration fees are NOT transferrable and will need to be paid again. In addition, if it is less than four weeks from the transfer festival date, late fees will apply.  Please see WSMA Festival Rules for additional details.

If you teach at multiple locations, this is the account number that needs the events transferred. If you need events transferred for multiple schools (both MS and HS), you will need to fill out multiple forms.
Confirmation is sent to this email address.
If you teach at multiple schools, this is the school that needs the event(s) transferred.
Which festival is your school assigned to attend?
Which festival would you like to transfer to?
I have received permission to transfer these students from the festival manager at the transfer site*

Please do not submit this form until you have the approval of the festival manager at the transfer site.

I am transferring:*